That which can be expressed through sex, art, dance and song.





What is required?

Patience to open up.

Fearlessness to develop intimacy.

Acceptance of things as they are.

Openness to receive the other,                     to listen to what is inside.









What is the feminine principal and how do we work along feminine lines in the theatre?

It is water – flowing and filling any container.  It does not care for marking territory, instead it searches for deep connection.

For me it’s about creating a place for the audience to recognise, engage and then celebrate their own creativity.

I can only do that when I learn how to be full to the brim myself.  Only then can I give unconditionally.

And from this giving I receive in return. I learn to explore from another perspective, another body, another world.



To receive ‘the other’, starts with being able to receive in general from the earth, through our roots.  To feel the strength and support of the ground.

Holding intensity on stage can only happen as much as I feel supported from from the ground beneath their feet.  From that immense power I can harness all 360 degrees.

And then something larger than the sum of my body and the space can be created.

I use the heat from the ground.  And like a seed, I violently break through my shell and begin to push through darkness.

And though the cycles of life and death continue above ground: with every project, with every performance, with every idea; the roots themselves remain. Growing larger and deeper.

I release the pressure of making ‘great’ art in my lifetime.  I am part of a much longer evolution of which I am an infinitesimally small, and yet important, part.

I create in order to understand the world better.  So I am part of the evolution of understanding in the human race.

I offer what I find to the other: to consume, to discard, to destroy.  It does not matter to me.