Tune of the week

Rococo Zephyr by Bill Callahan

I am an artist living and working in Berlin.  I make theatre.

I am not interested in virtuoso writing, genius, ability, talent.  These are simply ways we judge each other as better or worse.

What if I can look you in the eye and just see you.  Not in relation to anything else.

Without expectations, preconceptions, prejudices.

Through creativity we learn to look at ourselves. To look without judgement but critically.  To see reality for what it really is in its mysterious and astonishing depth.

Through creation we learn to see and to let things unfold.

We have lost confidence in ourselves.   We have lost our connection to our intuition which tells us what to do from a mysterious wisdom we will never understand.

The western world is riddled with addiction: alcohol, drugs, sex, people, work, love.  We try desperately to fill the void within ourselves.


But if we are lucky we get a chance to meet this void head on and realise that only from here, from this emptiness, can we start to be filled with life.

Theatre can be one such space.  A space for people to experience their true selves in all their glory and shame. To experience the void.

Together we come together. In the space. Live beings each with their own energy field.

The soup is different every night: the lessons, the catharsis, the healing; all unique to the group present on each particular night.


What if we are all capable of beautiful stories?

What if every person can live the ‘artistic’ way of life – from intuition instead of duty, responsibility and fear?

Let’s create performances where the audience awakens their own creative potential.  Where we facilitate hundreds of little stages for each and every one to speak their truth, find their voice, open their eyes to the magic and mystery that is the human existence.

Let’s build spaces we can experiment with communication.  Learn new forms of organisations that are accepting of difference and change.

Let’s remind all that come into contact with our work of their own individual power.  A split second of their own creative potential.  To their own ‘artist’ which is nothing more than a person connected to the void, connected to the whole.