Queen of my dominion.

In love with the night.

Night black and forest sounds.  My territory.

I know all my solitary fellows.  No need to see them.  We communicate along different lines.






She’s watching me.  Finally lured here.

Weeks of preparation and there she is.  So close I can smell her putrid smell of sweetness.

I keep my calm, my charm, sending out little trickles of icy warmth.


Closer. Closer.







Now I play.

I can stretch this out into the darkness. Yes, she’s malleable.

A gentle kiss to take her impressionable mind then one swoop of my talon.

She’s in pain. I laugh and she laughs along, mesmirised.

Spinning her into a frenzy, she begins to feel free and wild for the first time.



Then attack.

Attack.  Attack, attack, attack.

I feel her blood run through me.

I dive into her.


I’m bored.

Who’s next.



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